Wednesday, September 24, 2014

iPhone 6

I got a few hours ago a brand new iPhone 6. As an iPhone 4S owner it seems wider and smoother in hand.

It is the time to go back to this blog (after nearly 2 years without a word).

See you soon,

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New feature for Paper (the iPad App)

Paper is great and because I love it here is some ideas for development team.

It sometimes uneasy to draw at the bottom of the screen because you have to go back and forth with the tools box. Is it possible to have it on the top or at left/right of the screen ?

It would be great if it will be possible to move some drawing by just selecting them ? A team at Parc .has done a few years ago a great job around that idea you can see that there :

Wouldn't be great if it were possible to change the paper (for instance with a picture) ?

I love the pencil : but sometimes it would be useful to have more sizes available ?

How you see a palette sharing or use of kuler ( ?

I will update the post with more ideas along the use of paper and of my draws.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Improve paperless pdf & doc sorting : A comment for Goodreader

a comment for Goodreader

Do you think it is possible to have a mode where you can read a document and annotate ... and then put it to another folder ?

I think it could be very very useful since you download doc on a specific folder and the have to classify it in the right folder. The current process is slow because you need to use the manage tab and may forgot what is about the doc you have to classify.

The current process is the following : select the doc, read the doc (eventually anotate it), exit the doc, use manage file menu, select the doc select move the doc, select the right folder, validate.

In the future consider this : select the doc in the doc list, read the doc (eventually annotate it), select move button, a list of folder appear you select the right folder and the doc moves in, good reader closes the doc and open the next in the doc list;

wouldn't it be great ?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goldrush and some other ideas about iPad

A few month ago I writte upon my iPhone the following note:

a screen for email?

a screen for internet?

a screen for word?

a screen to excel?

a display for photos?

a screen for films?

a screen for books?

The question marks are there to show that it was only a wish. The iPad rules them all in one elegant device with a wonderful user interface.

This brings me to some thoughts about the newly presented iPad. A lot of comment have been done by nerds and consort to predict Apple and iPad a dark future. This should be taken with care because the nearly all (95%-99%) of internet users are a silent majority. But on the other hand the very same nerds seem (at last in my neighborhood) to want to buy one at its very launch "only for testing purposes". After all, they may see some light at the end of the tunnel and acknowledge that some humans' beings could be interested because of the price. Just read that and that, and you will see that the device category Apple iPad has created is there to stay.

They should know that the iPad is positioned as a consumer device because it is powered by iPhone OS. They should wait a little for a Mac Touch Pro upon Mac OS X (10.7 ?) and pass the 1000$ limit. The iPhone OS choice simplifies a lot of the interactions envelop because of the multitouch, the development of applications (mono task) and empower the developer to invent the app from a blank page. Nonetheless as a side effect, Apple controls everything for security / safety reasons. This iPhone OS choice made the convergence smartphone-computer convergence real. Google shows it will be done in the near future as a trend. Google explains us the trend, Apple realize the wish with iPhone OS.

The iPad is a very good case of blue ocean strategy: do not bath in red waters. It is what happens to all the PC makers at the moment.

Red Ocean Strategy
Netbook maker choices
Apple choice with iPad
Blue Ocean Strategy
Compete in existing marketPC marketiTunes store and AppStoreCreate uncontested market space
Beat the competitionPlenty of clones devicesOne power full touch deviceMake the competition irrelevant
Exploit existing demandA tiny laptop with windows XPTouch tabletCreate and capture new demand
Make value-cost trade offBelow 300$499 $ : higher price, higher valueBreak the value-cost trade off
Align the whole system of a firm's activities with its strategic choice of differentiation or low
Add features and lower the costRemove features lowers the costAlign the whole system of a firm's activities in pursuit of differentiation and low cost

During the conference Scott (VP of iPhone software) uses the term "goldrush". Indeed, Apple is the new vendor of shovels, pickaxes, tents of the new gold diggers who are all the apps developers. This is very true as the figures of available Apps are at 140 000 and the revenue of the gold diggers becomes a lottery game.
It is fascinating to see the number of headlines the iPad has created in comparison to the CES or any other new gadget/computer around. Newspapers act with the news behavior: "don't miss the big story". Apple thanks to its track record of revolutions: Apple II, Macintosh, flubber iMac, iPod, iPhone and failures Newton, Cube, is seen as a game changer. They are also found of the Robin Hood of the IT aka Steve Jobs, even if he could be better casted as the Prince Jean.

In conclusion I am waiting firstly to have the real device in hands to see its potential. Secondly the Apps to be created upon this blank page: medical apps, graphical apps, magazine store, complement for a computer, partition reader, classroom device... The iPhone shows us that the user interface paradigm of the touch is usable by a 1 year old child. The user interface so far is folder/files centric. Thus the need of the finder at the center of your electronic life. The iPhone and now the iPad show that this paradigm has worn off. The mental model is now obvious to everyone. Don Norman could be happy because it is the ABC (Activity Based Computing) idea that comes to life. And this idea disturbs a lot our nerds mental model, thus their cold acceptance of the product.