Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last weekend, I go the chance to have a Leica M8 in hands. This camera is really nice (if one can forgot the price). I made cool shots of the fields in "Bourgogne".

I have a R8 and I am very happy with it, but it is too heavy and I wonder how to decrease the weight, without decrease the quality. I want also to have a digital camera. The digital modul was not any more an option since Leica discontinued the product at the beginning of this year. Then I try the little D-lux 3. Very cool, it is only too slow to capture my bouncing 3 years old daughter.

I uploaded some picture in flickr. I found the camera simple and efficient. Not crowed with a lot of fancy features, but smart and fast. The main difficulty for me was to adapt to the rangefinder (the R8 is an SLR). I had bad memories with the M6 range finder. It was nearly impossible to quickly focus something. The M8 is very clear and bright. I seems to have been improved. The only issue I noticed was the focussing of picture when you have a lot of tiny things thats looks almost the same in your finder (typical example of field of grass).

I think I will wait for the next release, because I am not in a hurry now.

[UPDATE] I found with the M9 Flickr group a little Austrian article upon the next Leica M release published during the summer. It reinforce my wait and see option. Here is the quote (in german, but go into a webtranslator service to have it in whatever language you wish)
ECHO: Es soll angeblich demnächst eine Leica M9 kommen?
Kaufmann: Da greifen Sie einer Mitteilung vor, die wir noch gar nicht gemacht haben. Wenn man weiterzählt, wäre das natürlich die logische Folge. Als offizielles Statement kann ich dazu nichts sagen. Stellen Sie es sich aber so vor: Wenn Sie Leica-Entwickler wären und Sie fänden einen Weg – ich verwende Konjunktiv – einen Vollformatsensor unterzubringen, dass der Cropfaktor wegfällt, dann würden Sie es doch tun, oder?

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