Thursday, September 27, 2007

New NXXX tablet

A new Nokia Nseries Internet Tablets is coming in the following months (cf NXXX goes to FCC in french and FCC). This N800 successor will be bluetooth and wifi. Great.

At the same time another new pops up. Intel produces a press release with Nokia about the WinMax. That would be even greater and allow a great internet mobility.

When I read carefully the press release, I noticed :
The Internet-savvy audience targeted features include a full, familiar Internet experience, powered by Mozilla based browser, e-mail functions and support for many popular applications, such as the previously announced Skype and Rhapsody.
The browser will be Mozilla based. That's a good news also. I am not sure that the NXXX will be Mozilla based and WinMax. I expect that Mozilla will be in the next package and the WinMax will be enabled during 2008.

The only issue I see in this announcement, is that there is no WinMax network. If you have a device without a appropriate network, it is nice but not very useful. Yes, it is the old egg-chicken problem, which sometimes appears in technology.

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