Monday, September 24, 2007

Testing Xobni

I was invited to test Xobni a few days ago in private beta and it appears to be a still a little buggy. Hopefully, The team is very reactive. I had just finished my mail of bug report, when Gabor asks me a few more things to help him to fix the bug. I will reinstall for sure Xobni in the next version.

Before everything stops, I can try some nice features. The most interesting is the history of lost contacts. I discover a lot of them by this way. Unfortunately, deleting a contact of this list is impossible and crashes the thing.

My personal opinion is that it would have been nice features in outlook, 4-5 years ago, when outlook was nearly alone in the email services. Nowadays, when everybody is in yahoo, gmail, hotmail or which ever mail service provider and use outlook as local data storage, it seems an archaism to develop something for the heavy desktop.

I hope the team can reuse the xobni code to provide the same features upon a webmail account, which will be much more powerful. In the meantime, Microsoft can have a look to the job, they might find it useful for their product.

There is a nice coverage in techcrunch and in Transnet (in french).

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