Saturday, October 20, 2007

Home Desktop?

My wife is working in the HR department which is thinking about a project of remote working / working at home project. The discussion she had with her colleague was very interesting.

Here a few of they believes :

  • Collaborators will not be able to manage family and work
  • I have have to move the computer at home to work remotely.
  • Working at home has no costs.
  • The productivity will decrease
  • and a few other ideas of the same kind

The main point is that the management is absolutely not prepared to work with no collaborator in sight. The hierarchical structure will be completely reshaped. A second point can also be raised. The workforce is not used to the tools that this new way of business.

Two main forces are facing each other.

  • On one hand the management team in place who see the move but do not know how to take advantage of it
  • On the other hand the new generation of worker which are used to the new tools but they have to discover the business reality

I hope these two party take the best of each other to shape the future.

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