Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Magnum photo at the Esther Woerdehoff Galery

Wendsday I was invited by Esther Woerdehoff to the vernissage of the exhibition Magnum 60 pictures, 60 years. I is a really nice exhibition, only available in Paris but until January 2008. It could gives you a motivation to go in Paris.

I do not publish pictures here because they are far more beautiful in reality. You can have a look at the web site gallery in order to have an approximative idea.

I have been in Arles last summer where another exhibition about Magnum held. The choice between the two are sometimes similar, sometimes different. At Arles we have the most iconic picture of Magnum. There is also quotation, legends and books around the photography. Here, Esther Woerdehoff made a more personal choice of pictures simply attached on 3 white walls.

The intimate ambiance created allows a closer relation with the pictures. The visitor is not overwhelmed by the stature of the photography. He can look at the picture in the same way we look the great renaissance master works : with the profound sentiment that something of the humanity has been caught and is given back to the men kind.

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