Friday, November 23, 2007


Despite some hard work and heavy issue into the Paris tube, I went at This event, sponsored by Orange, creates the opportunity of networking between a priori unrelated start ups. I meet an old friend of mine, Thomas Serval (CEO of Baracoda and happy entrepreneur with his ), and a few celebrities of the web.

I meet the team of and its VP Marketing Marc Vasseur. The idea is to detect the position of a click upon a surface (or a 3D object) with the sound. They installed upon a rough wood table a blue dot, two microphones, a little bow and a lamp. When someone tap upon the dot, a few calculation later, the light lit. It is very impressive. The other participant try also. Often they have to tap twice to lit the light. Then even there is obviously plenty of applications, I wonder if it is so seamless as other kind of touch systems. The user seams to need some training to handle the system. Which is not precisely a good user experience.

We discovered after that a game for DS, but I am not convinced by the concept and a firm that propose to install webcam connected to the web to do tele-security.

The last keynote was from Nicolas Rose from Xange. He presents the Xange strategy, which is very common among VCs : insvest 0,5M€ to 5M€ in internet and technologies.

The fact that a big operator like Orange find a budget to have a team dedicated to find and try the idea of this ecosystem, is a good sign. Innovative idea need a little time to find their way towards the market. This lab allows a concrete meeting between the ideas and the market that has two effects :

  1. improve a lot the quality of the business model, marketing target, product (depending on the maturity of the product) before they got on the wild wide west aka the Market.
  2. give to Orange the opportunity to have at hand a stock of ideas from which they can take advantage before competitors.

My next geek meeting will be a Barcamp at Sun Paris office, and much more tech oriented.

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