Monday, November 19, 2007

Remote Working

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Here in Paris, we have a fantastic opportunity to test at scale 1:1 how to work remotely. Since the metro, bus and trains are stopped, the most efficient way to keep calm, is to stay at home.

With a good Internet connection, now, a lot of employee can work without being physically in their office. But for the manager, the employee and the human resources department, it is not easy to figure out how things will go if everybody is not at the same place.

The current events give us an opportunity to test and evaluate remote working. In a former post I give all the "good" reason keep the thing unchanged. It is now time to experiment and conclude that remote working save time and money. The whole organization should be rearranged, but at the end, it should be more efficient.

A transitory phase of learning the new rules of remote working and find means to measure the efficiency can begin right now.

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