Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nokia is in Beta innovation mode

I follow the Beta labs RSS from Nokia, and I must admit that since the beginning, nothing really new appear. But this time I think something "happen", as we say when a Zen archer succeed it's shoot. (Please read the book of Herrigel:  Zen in the Art of Archery in order to understand the deep meaning of this "happening")

This happening is the Nokia PC phone firefox/extension. The goal is to use for call, text messaging, sms...) your Nokia phone via your browser. Yes, it is a great move toward convergence between two technology species. I think this is a very good idea, because it brings a more user friendly UI for your phone while you are sitting with your laptop. I am looking to an improvement of the life of mobile and PC user, for quite a long time. Cherry upon the cake as we say in french, it works with S40 and S60. It gives also Nokia a closer relation to its customer. and "Come with music" move also toward this idea.

Unfortunately, this move is not so great, because of it's implementation. First it add another UI for the user. Secondly, the UI is not very well designed. A communication director once said me : Buddha is into the details. It fully applies in design stuff. There, it is only little glitches that breaks completely the user experience. For example, the way you can find people varies across the screens. Thirdly, it does not work with my N70 in bluetooth mode.

You have the full explanation of my title: the beta tester will be happy, but so far this clever application will not wide spread the PC across the world. This idea is step in the right direction. Nokia, go ahead.

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