Sunday, December 23, 2007

User interface & Short cuts

I am an heavy user of Microsoft Office tools and also of Google suite. I must admit that both have their qualities but Google easier to use. Less is more as you know.

I notice that with time, to be productive, you use short cuts (e.g. copy, paste, save...) I notice also that in Office, they are often at the end of the item name into the menu. You learn them while while selecting each time this function in the menu or while looking for other functions. Even if Office is ill integrated (e.g try to insert a xls graphic into a powerpoint, you will tell me), this little help always available is a very good point.

If Google want to be great he could add easily the same kind of info in its products.

Here follows a non closed list:

  • in Google docs, Gmail obviously something has to be done
  • Google Reader could be very nice to have the short cuts in the different menu. May be also little strips for the Go to short cuts.
  • Google calendar is great it lack only little example of the syntax for the quick add meeting box in the calendar. It could be also a stripe that dynamically indicates the arguments  (like in Excel when you have a multiple argument formula).

If I think about other points I will update this post. You can add your in the comments.

The difference between good and bad design is not easy to determine.

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