Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Flat design

I notice that for sometimes the design is getting flat. Thanks to touch technologies and mobile usage, device evolved toward flat. Someone write that "the world is flat", now we can say devices are flat !

Here is a 4-items list of flat devices which recently pop-up in the Consumer Electronic landscape
  • Flat phone
  • Flat keyboard imported form the laptop world
  • Flat form factor for computers
  • Flat screens
The common denominator with all those devices ? Easy : Apple has a product in each of these category.

Iphone, Apple keyboard, iMac and Macbook air, Apple cinema display.

On a design point of view the flat has many advantages for the user : lighter, easier to carry, less volume, less space wasted. On a technical point of view, it is another matter. Everything get complicated.

The object can be easily transformed as this fake N888 videos from 2005 shows it.

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