Thursday, February 14, 2008

Content, container, usage or a barcamp meeting about new video usages

I participate to the 16th Barcamp organised in Paris. The spot was brand new : "La Cantine" the Parisian collaborative workspace just opens two days ago.

I meet some new comers and a lot of "old" barcampers (Ori, Grégoire, Paul among a lot of other).

I attend to the discussion about "What have you in your video Ipod ?", which is the purpose of my post. If you are fluent in French you can go to the discussion. In order to give a more international access to this discussion I translate the notes into English just below.

My reflection will be about the term of media. In Latin, media meant the support of communication. Now it means the content itself. The shift of meaning is a classical synecdoche. For example, the journal means the paper and also the firm which produce the paper. The numeric information separates again content and support. The media could now be re-employed in order to speak of the conjunction of the support (the media file) and of the device (iPod, Archos).

We assist to a new user experience for the image flux. After the movie theater, the TV was the only media to deliver a image flux at home. Thanks to the digital ductility, the same picture can now be viewed on a mobile screen or on a computer screen, on a TV screen or on a movie screen. That drives a very new user experience of video. Intel, Nokia and Apple are thinking about this issue and they try to solve it. This wired article gives you a glimpse about that.

The second reflection I have is about the usage. Once we got a media (support + file) we can use it. So far the video was not easy to manage in mobility. The spread of devices able to carry and play video creates a new usage of video. The contents, the media and the usage adapts each other when a change occurs in one of the three.

On a second time I take par of the meeting about IP or not IP. The subject was not easy and the point of view are very differents. To summarize, IP is a protection but it should serves the value creation.

CR What have you got in your Video Ipod ? Subject On the web we zap from a video to another. There is some video flux that I like, that I like to get regularly, contents I want take with me, contents I follow... Lets Speak about !

Nowadays, we pick up content. I like some of them, I go back to some of them, I took some of them with me.

Sharing of our frustration about nowadays TV

  • I see nothing since 40 years : we are awaiting to see waiting.
  • I do not see film where I am not
  • I have destroyed the TV in my head ... not much video on Internet.
  • Never more than 5 minutes... I have another window at the same time.
  • Issue with the pre digestion of the techno-industrio-marketo-culturalo-politico-communicatio machine.
  • I consume only info snapshots very focused, which my friends recommend
  • easier way to control for zapping, no condition to watch.
  • I watch only American series and DVD
  • the TV 2.0 many do it, but how many watch it ?
  • Everything is not into everything and the way around.
  • We need to differentiate the content, the media and the usage.

Sharing of our preferred podcast:
Geekement Corect
Stanford classes
ScreenCastsOnline Video Tutorials
David Pogue
Cranky Geeks

Video popups

Next steps :

I did not watch anymore TV. my video consumption was limited to a few clips upon the web ... thanks of serendipity and buzz ... my brand new Video iPod shuffle the cards : I re watch TV!

Lets continue the chat on Facebook:

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olivier2point0 said...

Nice. I like the split content, container and usage (as moment/place/target/individual purpose).

About content, maybe Soukorama could help ;-)