Friday, December 12, 2008

Luminotherapy from Philipps

Recently my 4 years old child ask for a wake up solution in order to be on time at school. I had in mind since some months the idea to try the Philipps Wake-up light. It was not easy to convince my wife, but, at the end I manage to buy a HF 3476. The principle seems to me fabulous : a wake up that is "natural". What an bright idea. I have some negative feedback form the websites presentations and Philipps itself is not completely white as it's site is not very user friendly. The sales rep are very badly informed about this product. That's scars me a little bit.

What was my relief once I open the box. I find a first clear user sheet before to get the light. Everything is controlled and simple with near natural interactions. The user manual is also a model of simplicity that Maeda would appreciate. Once the light setuped (which took 2 minutes), I explain my child how to use it. He understands perfectly the way it will work and go to bed. The morning  after, the wake up was very charming because of birds songs. He appreciates a lot.

I will publish some pictures in the following days.

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