Saturday, March 21, 2009

iPhone OS 3.0

Apple did not mention everything, but there seems to be in the background a lot of nice features. 
For example Live streaming, LDAP connection, iTunes account creation, Create meetings, VPN on demand...

What's amaze me with this device is the fun and fancy side of it. For example for the undo, just shake. It is exactly what you did with sand when you want to go back to the black page. The user is really at the center of the stage as the evidence is intutive. Current OS are obviously capable of a amazing amount of things but at the cost of loosing their customer in hte middle of the process. With WinMobile I never know it is possible to undo so easily.

Another example of that is the Wifi connection. Have you try ? On a PC it is amazingly complex, on a Mobile device (one have to add as bonus difficulties the unconvenient keyboard). With the iPhone, select the router and key in the password, that's it. How a such little device can be so smart ?

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