Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Improve paperless pdf & doc sorting : A comment for Goodreader

a comment for Goodreader

Do you think it is possible to have a mode where you can read a document and annotate ... and then put it to another folder ?

I think it could be very very useful since you download doc on a specific folder and the have to classify it in the right folder. The current process is slow because you need to use the manage tab and may forgot what is about the doc you have to classify.

The current process is the following : select the doc, read the doc (eventually anotate it), exit the doc, use manage file menu, select the doc select move the doc, select the right folder, validate.

In the future consider this : select the doc in the doc list, read the doc (eventually annotate it), select move button, a list of folder appear you select the right folder and the doc moves in, good reader closes the doc and open the next in the doc list;

wouldn't it be great ?

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